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Customized Solutions


Vital Care experts take its “blueprint” design and customize it to create a program that meets customers unique objectives.  This process is designed to increase provider workflow efficiency and improve client outcomes, all while fitting in seamlessly into current systems and processes. 


The team of highly tried individuals conducts several workshops in order to effectively implement the customized solution.  A project kick-off meeting is held to educate stakeholders about the potential impact of better health outcomes and return on investment (ROI).  The team accounts for current processes, schedules, and demographics of the population to validate that the program will not be invasive to daily living. 


A technology workshop is then conducted to provide stakeholders an extensive overview of technology and service capabilities. An implementation plan is delivered using proven processes.


Vital Care Services works side by side with its customers to develop efficient telehealth delivery workflows before launching the program to help limit risk and any technical difficulties. The Vital Care dedicated care coordinator is there every step of the way. The care coordinator helps launch the program to ensure higher probability of success, as well as answer any questions customers may have about the implementation plan.


The care coordinator does not only oversee the project management staff, but also ensures all sustainability milestones are met. The coordinator identifies any issues and makes appropriate suggestions to ensure they are keeping in mind the consumer experience at the highest priority. A full scalability plan is discussed throughout the project. The unique telehealth delivery solutions are customizable to fit budgets and scalable to fit program requirements.


When launching a new program, some common road blocks for customers are hardware/software technical difficulties, improper training, and program adoption for individuals and healthcare providers. Vital Care uses a systematic processes to provide successful implementation and maintenance. The Vital Care team takes the customized implementation plan and follows guidelines to set-up customers and individuals with the advanced telehealth delivery system.


The inventory management team assigns each hardware a unique ID # for tracking purposes.  Inventory is recorded and tracked. After all inbound and outbound inventory are sanitized and calibrated, the quality assurance team tests the connected care technology in multiple scenarios.  Once all tests are passed, the fulfillment team packages the kits and delivers them to the project site or individual home. 

Care Coordination
Logisics Management


A big challenge to any remote health monitoring program is connecting with the consumers. Health awareness events help consumers see a small sample of the program and show how they can benefit from the program. Vital Care experts help enroll consumers while educating them on the technology and process. Vital Care Services specializes in consumer outreach and engagement. Our recruitment guidelines and media advertisements help customers promote their telehealth program within the target community.


The team is comprised of staff who are patient and trained in personal communication skills. Keeping the consumers engaged and satisfied is a key role for sustaining the programs high adherence rate.  At the program start, a pre-assessment survey is administered which asks basic questions regarding health history and anything else they feel the need to share. These assessment tools allow us to know if a consumer may or may not need extra features of the program. At the end of the program a post assessment survey is administered to assess consumer outcomes and satisfaction.

Outreach & Engagement


To launch a successful program, a team of role player individuals needs to be identified. To form the care team, the Vital Care staff begins recruiting the highest qualified members for the project. After these individuals are selected and hired, they undergo an extensive hybrid training model including remote training and certification, as well as on-site training workshops.  All members of the team are certified under the Health Insurance Portability and Actability Act of 1996. (HIPAA)  They also are trained in consumer sensitivity, motivational interviewing, and more. Vital Care Services also provides training videos detailing step by step tutorials of how the telehealth application and web portal work.


Throughout the project, the care coordinator will be responsible for managing team member schedules and supervising staff performance and attendance. The dedicated care coordinator assists in mitigating risks of miscommunication between consumers and providers.

Operations Managemen


Efficient and effective use of the data that is being collected throughout the program is critical to its success. Customized consumer care plans includes the ability to collect biometric data, daily questions, medication tracking, two way communication, and more. 


By having access to the Vital Care Services web portal, healthcare providers can use the clinical dashboard to analyze changes in consumer biometrics and provide feedback to the consumers. Updated in real time, the dashboard allows healthcare professionals to be informed about each individual regularly based on custom risk parameter alerts. The dashboard allows for easy translation of data by custom set parameters for each individual. If an individual has a critical reading, it is highlighted in red for easy identification. The individuals with the most critical readings are sorted at the top of the dashboard so they can be tended to immediately.

Connected Care Technology Delivery


Improving consumer outcomes and reducing hospital readmission rates is a high priority to any program. Each time a client records health data or sends a message, it is transmitted to our secure web portal. The ability to view reports allows for a trend analysis which show if someone’s condition is improving or getting worse. Our custom reporting can generate specific reports according to the individual’s needs. A healthcare professional can generate a report for an individual or all consumers at a community site to analyze trends and give clinical advice. The clinical dashboard also keeps a history of recent readings allowing customers to see if there is any condition that is not improving or if an existing one is relapsing.

Analytics & Reporting


Anytime people use new technology, it is inevitable that there will be questions about the hardware and software. Having a dedicated support call center is essential to keep the program operating smoothly. The ability to provide detailed step-by-step guidelines to help troubleshoot major or minor problems is made easy by the Vital Care staff.


Our attentive support team helps customers set up their equipment so they can get started right away. With extensive training and knowledge, they can help sort any issue in a timely and efficient manner. If needed on-site help can be arranged as well.

Support Call Center
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