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Expand access. Increase quality. Reduce cost. Those were the three main priority areas two brothers, Chris and Dave were looking to address when they co-founded Vital Care Services in 2011. Through user-friendly digital health technology, clinicians and healthcare providers are connecting remotely with their patients to monitor vital signs, communicate health data, and improve long-term health management.  Vital Care Services not only provides RPM technology, which integrates seamlessly with patient and provider workflow, they provide the clinical monitoring, social support services, shipping and retrieval logistics, training, technical support services, and more that is changing the way healthcare is being delivered.


Vital Care Services was founded with the goal to promote healthier communities by connecting patients and providers with digital health technology.  It strives to provide tiered services to patients in the community to collect and transmit their health information securely to their healthcare provider, which lead to better health knowledge, activation, and outcomes.  The technology is designed to be easy to use, insightful and meaningful to empower the patients to age in place successfully in their own living setting.  

Vital Care strives to provide a variety of customizable hardware/software tools for patients to use to provide biometric health measurements, answer questionnaires, and schedule secure virtual visits to feel connected to their healthcare providers.

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