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We understand that no two communities are alike, and even if they were, each individual has different needs. Providing Technology Enabled Community Health (TECH) Services for Total Population Health Management is our goal. Vital Care telehealth experts take its 'blueprint' designs and customize them to create a program that meets customers unique objectives. We apply program evaluation, workflow testing and program analysis to create the perfect implementation plan to ensure long term success. This process is designed to increase provider workflow efficiency and improve patient outcomes, all while fitting in seamlessly into current systems and processes. 

Our team features dedicated care coordinators to help assist and make the necessary changes in program workflow to enhance sustainability and scalability. The patient experience is always evolving, and we pride ourselves on delivering the best outcomes possible. 

We work with you to tailor your needs along with your communities needs to ensure a program that will be successful long term.

  1. Planning: Program workflow is developed with our partner that meets its objectives and systematically generates actionable data for early interventions which produces better outcomes. 

  2. Launch: Introduction of the program to community or individual served with operational, technical and clinical oversight by Vital Care.

  3. Deliverables: Ongoing care evaluation, sustainability, and scalability plans followed along with monthly reportable statistics: Adherence, engagement, satisfaction, health outcomes and cost savings.

Community-Based Service Programs
Health Education and Promotion


Vital Care is a big proponent of providing healthcare access to various populations. This program has licensed healthcare professional's (such as a Registered Nurse or Registered Dietitian) create an education and curriculum to empower independent living cohorts to take an  active role in managing their health and wellbeing. Services are offered in a convenient community setting to engage the total population. 

Home Telehealth Services
Monitoring of at-risk patients

This program provides an efficient model of monitoring the health of patients in the convenience of their home setting using easy to use Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Equipment.  Vital Care contacts the patient to schedule technology delivery and train the patient and/or health aide/caregiver. Our care team oversees the monitoring of daily readings to ensure adherence and alerts the clinical staff to at-risk readings needing phone, messaging or virtual visit interventions. 

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