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Fall Safety Tips

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Seasonal changes are coming! Prepare yourself as the summer winds down and temperature begins to drop.

With the month of September comes many new adjustments and seasonal changes. Now that fall is set to start at the end of the month, it’s important to take note of the seasonal health concerns and how you can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy this season. With that, we’ll focus on some tips that’ll help you best adjust to the cooler temperatures and darker days.

1. Be mindful of back-to-school traffic

Fall brings about back to school season for many families and back to school means more traffic than there was during the summer months. That in mind, remember to drive mindfully and defensively while out on the road. Pay attention to all signs and be especially alert when passing through school zones. If back-to-school traffic will interfere with your own commute, plan accordingly to ensure you have enough time to get where you have to go.

2. Prepare for cooler temperatures

Gone are the warmer temperatures reminiscent of summer as the degrees drop. Though not an immediate change, be mindful of the progressively lower temperatures when planning outings. Ensuring you have the right clothing items depending on the weather will prevent you from feeling cold while outdoors. Opting for longer sleeves and light sweaters as the weather begins to change are ideal to deal with the new weather.

3. Practice good hand hygiene

During the fall months, cold and flu season also makes a comeback. With more people outside communing in spaces filled with other people (school, work, etc.) it is important that you practice proper hand hygiene. On top of staying up to date with any necessary vaccinations, ensuring that you use soap and water while washing your hands for about 20 seconds will help keep germs at bay.

4. Wear reflective materials at night

Fall time bring about the end of Daylight Savings on the first Sunday of November. As we progress closer to that day, you might notice it begins to get darker earlier on during the day, something that was uncommon during the summertime. Knowing that, if you and your loved ones travel outside during the darker hours of the day, wearing reflective materials will ensure you are visible to drivers on the road and safe from harm.

5. Celebrate seasonal holidays safely

The fall season brings about many wonderful holidays to share in with your loved ones but it’s still important to be careful when celebrating. Keeping a close eye on children if they go out and about during this time and checking all food products before consumption is vital. Staying safe and healthy during the fall time doesn’t have to be troublesome as long as you know what to be mindful of.

With that, enjoy the celebrations and the time spent with loved ones during the fall months!

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