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Staying Safe on World Day for Safety and Health at Work

April 28th marks the celebration of World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Established in 2003 by the International Labour Organization and now recognized by the United Nations, World Day for Safety and Health at Work aims to raise awareness on the importance of practicing safe and healthful behaviors while working. This is done to reduce the number of occupational accidents and disease spreading that can occur when in the workplace. According to the CDC, approximately 2.4 million workers in 2019 sustained some type of work-related injury that had to be treated in emergency departments. In being mindful of how you can keep yourself safe and healthy at work, it is very possible to prevent workplace accidents and disease spreads. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe and healthy while on the job.

1. Follow procedures meant to keep you safe

Every workplace is equipped with different procedures that are meant to keep you safe in that specific environment. Bearing that in mind, making yourself aware of these procedures and ensuring that you follow them when necessary make the difference when it comes to your safety. Whether this means wearing the right protective clothing or ensuring a clean work environment, follow the steps set in place at your job to ensure you’re doing your part in keeping yourself safe.

2. Understand the hazards at your job

Similar to every job have its unique procedures, each job also comes with unique hazards. Depending on the industry you work in, some hazards can be more fatal than that of those elsewhere. If you work a job that tends to be especially dangerous, be aware of what hazards are out there and how they can happen. Most occupational injuries can be prevented so long as you’re aware of the dangers that come with you job. If you find yourself in a compromising situation at work, be sure to take the steps necessary to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

3. Be mindful of your employee rights and responsibilities

Every employee is entitled to a certain number of rights while on the job. Equally, every employee has a certain number of responsibilities they must take care of when working. Understanding what is expected of you while working is a great way to ensure you safety as it makes certain you are only doing things you are capable of doing without getting hurt. Your employee rights are there to protect in case something is to go wrong, so use them when necessary for optimal protection and wellbeing.

4. Build self-awareness

Lastly, the person that knows you best when you’re on the job is you. Understanding just what you’re capable of and how long you can work for is important in making sure you are working safely and healthfully. Though it may seem tempting to take on overtime or an especially challenging task, checking in with yourself to ensure you can handle these things is a big step in ensuring that you stay safe and healthy at work .

Now that you’re equipped with these tips, you can now go out there and work towards your passions in a safe and healthy manner. To learn more about promoting your wellbeing in other places than your job, visit our other blog posts!

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