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Spring Safety TIPS

Mental Health matters, we discuss some changes you can make in order to take the necessary steps to enhance your mental well-being.

After spending half of the year in cooler temperatures and darker days, the springtime come around to bring warmer weather and sunnier days. As most of the cooler months are spent bundled up and indoors, the springtime is a welcomed change for many. As new seasons come with new health concerns, we’ll be sharing a few tips to help you and your loved ones adjust accordingly to the springtime.

1. Be careful of insects

Warmer weather is usually indicated in nature by the return of many insects to help liven up the atmosphere. As bees, wasps and other stinging organisms make their return this season, it is important to be mindful of the space they occupy while still keeping yourself safe from stings. Wearing light colored clothing that covers most exposed parts of the body and avoiding dwelling in plant-heavy places is a great way to avoid getting stung. If stung, ensure that the stinger is removed from the body and the affected area is treated to avoid infection and further irritation.

2. Wear SPF when outdoors

The return of sunny weather means the return of diligent sunscreen application. Though sunscreen should be worn regardless of what season it is, using SPF products is especially important during the spring and summertime. Using an SPF with a rating of 15 or higher and following recommended application guidelines will ensure you’re protected from the sun’s powerful UV rays.

3. Take care of seasonal allergies

If you’re someone who has seasonal allergies, then taking the right steps to remedy them is a must. If you take medicine to help prevent the onset of allergies, then ensure you keep up with them to minimize reactions. Additionally, avoiding areas that are heavily populated with the allergen are also helpful. If certain weather conditions cause your allergies to flare up, then be mindful of the weather and plan your day accordingly.

4. Proceed carefully in rainy weather

Spring is notorious for its heavy rainfall as the weather begins to warm up. Though the rain is good for the surrounding nature, it can be difficult to navigate if the proper precautions are not taken. Ensuring the right footwear that has grippy soles will help prevent slips and falls due to rainfall. Additionally, always keeping an umbrella on hand will be helpful to combat any rain throughout the day.

5. Wear appropriate clothing for weather

As the season sandwiched right between winter and summer, spring has a very unique temperature pattern. Though the season starts off on the cooler side, it will progressively get warmer as the months progress. With that in mind, wearing the appropriate attire when outdoors is a must to prevent being too cold or too hot. Always be sure to check the weather when planning outfits and find pieces of clothing that can be layered if the weather changes throughout the day.

Keeping these tips in mind as you prepare for spring will help you stay on top of the season while feeling your best. We hope you have a healthy and happy spring!

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