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Dedicated to Innovation,

Committed to Community.


Vital Care is a full-service technology and healthcare delivery company that specializes in promoting healthy communities. Its signature high tech, high touch community based models use a variety of interoperable technologies while retaining the essential human element in serving patients in their communities. By working with us, we enable our partners to efficiently and cost-effectively leverage technology to engage and manage diverse patient populations. 


Vital Care provides Technology Enabled Community Health (TECH) services for total population health management as we believe in providing healthcare access to all communities and individuals that need services and may not have the accessibility to do so.

  • Operational Management

  • Interoperable Technologies

  • Clinical and Technical Support

  • Medical Staffing and Training  See more >>


“Since I’ve been in this program, I feel more aware of my health and I haven’t needed to go back to the hospital.  Thank you!"


“This program has relieved some of the stress and worry I’ve experienced as a caregiver to know someone is watching over my husband."

"This telehealth program has been absolutely wonderful. The nurses were prompt to call us to follow up and coordinate with our doctors when my blood pressure was elevated."

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