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Assisted Care

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Our Early Interventions

90 year old female patient has had a history of hypertension. Prescribed medication and medical intervention was eventually needed due to the wrong dosage of medication.

-- Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC)

93 year old patient with history of dementia and hypertension. Often forgot to take medication and caregiver was notified to help give reminders.

-- Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC)

80 year old female with a history of hypertension. Regular monitoring lead to a decrease in her blood pressure.

-- Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC)

86 year old male with a history of low blood oxygen levels. Added awareness of his oxygen levels lead to taking steps toward bettering himself.

Continuing Care Retire Community (CCRC)

92 year old female with a history of hypertension and is on medication to manage her blood pressure. Had to pause medication, so she needed careful monitoring.

Continuing Care Retire Community (CCRC)

83 year old female with a history of hypertensions and congestive heart failure. Needed immediate intervention due to high blood pressure.

Here are what our patients
had to say about us.

“I think it keeps me more aware of what’s happening with my body and how I can maintain my health.”

“Everybody is connected with this. It’s a wonderful, wonderful service.”

“They listen to me.  When you live by yourself, who are you going to talk to? “

“It makes your day. I look forward to this because I’m meeting people, I’m talking to them and I don’t feel so lonely anymore.”


Vital Care News

Telehealth Program for Seniors Wins National Award

Westchester County’s TIPS program – or Telehealth Intervention Program for Seniors – has been selected for a 2016 National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award, County Executive announced today. The award comes as TIPS marks a major milestone, providing its 20,000th monitoring service to one of the more than 600 seniors participating in seven sites Read the full article

Press Release: TIPS Program Keeping Wartburg Friedrichs Residence Healthy

The Telehealth Intervention Program for Seniors (TIPS) program was recently spotlighted in an article published by the Mount Vernon Inquirer about the Wartburg’s Friedrich Residence. The Wartburg Friedrich Residences is one of several sites currently offering the TIPS program to seniors in Westchester County. Reported in the Inquirer as a ‘trailblazer’ in telehealth programs the Read the full article

Wearable Technology – Fitness/Activity tracking with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for Seniors

Select Pace University students enrolled in the Fall 2014 CIS102T course had the opportunity to work with Vital Care Services on innovative research using wearable technology.  Research was conducted at two senior living communities: the Carter Burden Center for the Aging and The Kensington.  The program offered seniors the chance to use Fitbit brand wearable activity tracking technology. Using the Fitbit Read the full article